About the SWARM

SWARM-Gaming was founded 28th of April 2014 as a YouTube channel.

The Channel was founded by 4 friends who wanted to open a Channel for a new E-sports team.

The beginning of the new eSport team was really fast.

After a half year, Swarm Gaming was sponsored by Spreadshirt and vyprvpn.
The team played Rocket league and CoD in the MLG and Gears of War in the ESL pro league.

When the Gears of War scene in the eSports area grew big, the Swarm joined in.

All in all, the four boys had 7 wins in their row and, obviously secured the 1st place in the table.

But it was not long before the first big eSports teams started
So the swarm went over to Denial eSports

The rocket league Pro Team SWARM GAMING was

founded in September 2015

and banned in November 2015

The Swarm could not stay long in this eSport area, but have earned in the short time a price of almost 2000 €.

One a half years after the foundation most of the players change the team and the clan SWARM has fallen in November 2015.
a steam group was founded 31th of July 2016 under the name Ardos.
The steam group connected the players to a community called Swarm

The Swarm community built by an initially small steam group with 13 members
she grew over the time up, the time ever further and now possesses over 500+ members.

We offer now several services:

A Teamspeak3-Server: ts.swarmhq.eu |


A League of Legends Club

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